Tuesday, March 9, 2010

emptiness of early march

new england is a meditation on the impermanence of seasons

first shoot of spring http://yfrog.com/0dbmpuj

the emptiness of early march; the stark caw of a single crow

maudslay before the green http://yfrog.com/83opbj

a sunny march day when all the snow has melted but before any greenery has flowered is the new england eqivalent of a desert landscape

the sign of the sun god http://yfrog.com/6zus2ij

god loves the desert

on the other shore http://yfrog.com/jx95wj

o the sun!

my mirror http://yfrog.com/j551zj

ten thousand suns reflecting on the waves of endless water; looking in my river mirror

bridging the last stand of wintry illusions http://yfrog.com/jlndpj

this just in: the river still is flowing

a tree fell in the forest and the laurel heard it http://yfrog.com/bg5v3j

a seagull wonders who am i

the white monks of mauslay http://yfrog.com/b6z11aj

at the end of the endless road, one hawk is searching for the only thing that's knowable: the wild unknown

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