Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ch 11-17 Krishnamurti's 1st & last freedom

Chapter 11: Simplicity
only when a mind is really sensitive, alert, aware of all its own happenings, responses, thoughts, when it is no longer becoming is no longer shaping itself to be something - only then is it capable of receiving that which is truth.

Chapter 12: Awareness
Reality is not a thing which is knowable by the mind, because the mind is the result of the known, of the past; ..therefore the mind must understand itself and its functioning, its truth, & only then is it possible for the unknown to be

Chapter 13: Desire
Beyond the physical needs, any form of desire ... becomes a psychological process by which the mind builds the idea of the `me..' When u see this process...w/o opposition,..u will discover..that the new is never a sensation; therefore it can never be recognized [nor] re-experienced. It is a state of being in which creativeness comes without invitation, without memory; and that is reality.

Chapter 14: Relationship And Isolation
This identification with something greater - the party, the country, the race, the religion, God - is the search for power. Because you in yourself are empty, dull, weak, you like to identify yourself with something greater.

Chapter 15: The Thinker And The Thought
What is important is to see that the maker of effort and the object towards which he is making effort are the same. That requires enormously great understanding, watchfulness, to see how the mind divides itself into the high and the low.

Chapter 16: Can Thinking Solve Our Problems
There must be a quiet, tranquil mind. Such a mind is not a result...of a practice, of meditation, of control. It comes into being through no form of discipline or compulsion or sublimation, without any effort of the `me', of thought; it comes into being when I understand the..process of thinking..In that state of tranquillity of a mind that is..still, there is love.

Chapter 17: The Function Of The Mind
Only when we know how to love each other..can [there] be intelligent functioning,.. [and not] through intellect..imitation..idolatry. Only when you discard completely, through understanding, the whole structure of the self, can that..eternal..come into being. You cannot go to it; it comes to you.

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