Thursday, March 11, 2010


thinking i'm not thinking

wearing this person

no addition needed

subtraction happens by understanding division

spirit-tronics 101: the body is a consciousness capacitor; the mind is a big resistor; meditation is a short circuit; i am the power supply

any spiritual practice is ultimately subject to zeno's dichotomy paradox; that is why ultimately one must surrender

that final last half is not of this manifested world

if you look in a mirror and you see your face, get another mirror

if you look in a mirror and see the reflection of a mirror, keep on looking

the mind must understand itself and its functioning, its truth, & only then is it possible for the unknown to be. Krishnamurti

interesting. one must understand the limits of the known in order to be the unknown. jk is awesome! literally.

one needs to know the extent of the shore to touch the sea

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