Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a living writing project in the now

#awak 01 as i enter this 2nd year of being tweeting, i've just realized the 1st year as a whole was a living writing project in the now.

#awak 02 at the time tweeting began, i had this notion of writing a book on nonduality as seen here and now but didn't know where to start.

#awak 03 turns out the start was tweeting and the book was being written 140 characters at a time, being compiled in blog posts day by day.

#awak 04 i've just completed compiling all the posts of all the tweets (except the intro which i'm writing now) and published it on lulu.

#awak 05 the book is named 'awakurious' after the name of the blog, and subtitled 'being curious in awakening' which describes its intent.

#awak 06 i can't say anything about the content except it's truthful to the moment it was written and i've never read anything like it. ;-)

#awak 07 it's also true that the words were formed through reflections while reading 'nondual' literature and all the twitterers i follow.

#awak 08 that would mean any of you that may be reading these tweets now. so thank you for being here and tweeting this past year. _/|\_

#awak 09 i feel my presence on twitter will continue but most likely in a very different manner. i know i've entered a period more of being.

#awak 10 "what a long strange trip it's been" and looking forward to the paradoxical now unfolding as if it were a long journey to nowhere.

#awak 11 love be & see, ~sonrivers