Friday, March 26, 2010

no idea

it's raining like thoughts and dreams

the mind surrenders itself to serve the will of life when it
realizes it's not some strong-willed arm of justice but just a simple

i have no idea what i'm doing

be being until being being becomes not being--but being

awareness is the space in which the sun of understanding lights
the way within this self-encapsulated world of mind

i am a sun spot

look jane, see spot shine!

shine, spot, shine!

i'm a shananaman

returning home to the high definition eleven dimension land

it's as easy as love be see

love be see deep whee effin' gee!

love love be see, i know you are me, we'll always be whee, so plee plee plee please, love be see, ohhhh love be see

lama dharma doo!

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