Friday, March 5, 2010

one understands

another day; the world's ok

feel this!

many believe; one understands

mind is not your enemy; it's just your friendly hypnotist: now look at the shiny thought & believe, become, be something better than what is

behave yourself bodhisattva; act like there are children all around

we are all but nonsuch castles in the clouds

beware the sleeping giant

Either this whole universe is mine or nothing at all. ~Ashtavakra Gita

it's neither everything nor nothing but both

A dream kingdom need not be renounced. ~Osho

it's like dream snow out there today. snow and snow and snow but nothing sticking to the ground.

remember when you first discovered there wasn't any santa claus; well, it's like this, you need to discover something about your self

when i was young, i used to play this boardgame called the game of life; now i just play the game of life

i remember when i first learned the thrill of using 'bad' language; now i know no language is bad-it's all the same: shockingly inadequate

every single word would be a sin against its referent, if there were any such a thing as a referent

you say tomato; the manifested universe says a trillion superstrings of beautiful harmonic sweet sweet nothings

but you should hear what the manifested universe is saying about you; of course, it says the same thing about itself--and that tomato

i owned an aquarium once and loved to watch the sad fish and the scary fish and the funny fish; now, i just watch my thoughts instead

belief is the great fishing boat of thoughts

all the the sacred wisdoms teach the method of the happy angler: let the fish go

another day; another fish goes free

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