Saturday, March 6, 2010

truth of the mind

since the mind is always at odds with what is, nothing is ever even in its world

when control is seded to a tool, everything is subject to its violent manipulation; such is the nature of a tool

if i had a hammer is only pertinent because the hammer right now has you

the purpose of a hammer is to bang a bunch of nails; hence the permanent state of civilization as we know it is war

there's nothing inherently wrong with a hammer as long as you're not thinking you're the nail

be the empty space that carries a hammer when it needs to build some temporary room

if you don't understand the truth of the mind, the mind will overwhelm the Truth of you

if the mind can create virtual worlds, what makes you not think the mind can create virtual awareness


  1. Virtual awareness... it's dangerous indeed,

    I know some people who who think that they are spiritually aware, but in actuality it is just a fake created by their inflated ego. Doh. Any suggestion about it?

  2. either a teacher or eternal vigilance ;-)