Sunday, March 7, 2010

quotes from '1st & last freedom' ch. 5-10

Chapter 5: Action And Idea
When there is love - which is not mentation, which is not ideation, which is not memory, which is not the outcome of an experience, then that very love is action. That is the only thing that frees.

Chapter 6: Belief
A mind that would be in a state in which the new can take place... must surely cease to acquire..., it must put aside all knowledge. A mind burdened with knowledge cannot possibly understand, surely, that which is real, which is not measurable.

Chapter 7: Effort
Therefore action as we know it is really reaction, it is a ceaseless becoming, which is the denial, the avoidance of what is; but when there is awareness of emptiness without choice, without condemnation or justification, then in that understanding of what is there is action, and this action is creative being.

Chapter 8: Contradiction
Contradiction arises only when the mind has a fixed point of desire; ...when the mind does not regard all desire as moving, transient, but seizes upon one desire & makes that into a permanency - only then, when other desires arise, is there contradiction.

Chapter 9: What Is The Self
Whatever the mind creates is in a circle, within the field of the self. When the mind is non-creating there is creation... Reality, truth, is not to be recognized. For truth to come, belief, knowledge, experiencing, the pursuit of virtue-all this must go.

Chapter 10: Fear
Fear exists so long as there is accumulation of the known, which creates the fear of losing. Therefore fear of the unknown is really fear of losing the accumulated known.

~J. Krishnamurti

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