Friday, April 9, 2010

the mathematics of unreal

the mathematics of unreal numbers: love + attachment = desire; love + detachment = intention

math of unreal numbers cont.: desire over time equals suffering; intention over time equals equanimity

the mathematics of unreal numbers finis: solve for suffering; dissolve for love

zippity doo dah!

when you're in the now, there is no now

right now i am two goldfinches rising together through branches of sunlit bright green buds in a dance of black and yellow wings

i'm an instrument in the hands of love

just sitting here in the light of love and the wind of awareness

watching the river flow from its mountain sources to the sea

tidal river slowly flowing in the pull of low tide

ocean tide in the pull of a waning gibbous moon; moon in orbit around the pull of earth; earth in orbit in the pull of sun: all-embracing

no doing: everything is flowing in an ever-changing circle

even thought is just a social circle flowing from another to another in the one reality of not another

mind is just a whirlpool of ten thousand thoughts

even doing out of thought is not a doing; just confusion of ten thousand orbits

la la la la la la la la la (...)

(...) means i love you

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