Saturday, April 10, 2010

personal mockingbird

first i am not, then i am, then i'm not i am

mind is the glue that holds innumerable nows together

reality remains always unstuck

self-inquiry is just another way to say debonding

at first, love leaks through the cracks; then it storms the walls; at last all love!

heads up! beach ball coming your way!

armageddon is just another spiritual practice

the real apocalypse is right here right now

i am is the rapture

there's a mockingbird outside creating its own peaceable kingdom; the world is our own personal mockingbird if we let it be

it's unfortunate that so many religious ones drown the baby of love in the bath water of dogmatic belief

it may be even more unfortunate when those ones who free themselves from the yoke of such religion throw out that baby with the bath water

one breathes love; if not, one is like a fish out of water: a lot of thrashing about

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