Sunday, April 4, 2010

merely a mirror

it's no coincidence that works of art arose as the dream state consolidated itself in thought

art is merely a mirror, a subtle recognition that what is taken to be reality is really an artifice

as the mind becomes more aware of itself, through the process of education, it becomes unconsciously aware that it is an artifice

the less unconscious that awareness is, the greater the art is, and the closer to truth it becomes

in the world of english literature, there is a reason why william shakespeare is king: a conscious awareness that the world was but a stage

meanwhile folk art, or popular culture, is an interesting reflection on the state of the dream state itself

the movie avatar then can be seen not only through the lens of its creator but through the eyes of its audience

avatar: the tao meets apocalypse now

in america at least there are two worlds that seem to keep going further apart: family life and the business world

family life is the heart, the tao, love; the busiiness world is mind, violence, and war (generally speaking)

there's a reason why parents are increasingly devoted to their children; it is a devotion to heart, their god of love

we can see the split in american politics as well; the mind and heart; belief and love; and a curious melding of the two even as they split

no doubt the dream state is living in interesting times

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