Sunday, April 4, 2010

non-attachment only happens

the self, ego, can never truly practice non-attachment; the very essence of the self *is* attachment

the self, ego, can be attached to the practice of non-attachment, but this, of course, is not non-attachment

non-attachment only happens when our true nature 'detaches' from the self or rather from those thoughts which believe there is a self

truth is not attained through the practice of non-attachment; in fact, such practice only strengthens the self

truth is not attained; it is seen through understanding in the heart as being what 'you' have always been: pure awareness

through detachment from the belief in a separate self, what is called non-attachment (by the self) will naturally, spontaneously, occur

as the self goes, so goes all attachment

and the last attachment to go is the attachment to understanding itself

for understanding 'r us

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