Friday, April 2, 2010

one by one

one is willing to kill for a belief if necessary; the truth, on the other hand, *will* kill you

one person's pointer is another person's poker

quite quiet

begin being

sbisl bliss

the only thing keeping you from burning away in the bliss of awareness aware of awareness is the thought of what bliss awareness is

in the beginning there was light. and the light said, let there be god. and so the light created the self. and it was all good.

at the intersection of being and bliss, love square! oh, the lights and manifested movement!

goldfinches are turning gold although they've always been goldfinches

brightening last day of a rain-filled march--watching a goldfinch flit from branch to branch, i notice small green buds on the nearest tree

this body is literally the sun, sea, and earth; and i am the sky in which they appear

not to mention a big bang every heartbeat or so!

any practice ultimately deconstructs into the absurdity of practicing being

meaning is the poor self's inadequate substitution for being; always trying to answer the question walt knew unanswerable: what is the grass

the flood of heavy rains for the past two days have lifted up the pavement in a stream of places leaving massive potholes on the river road

if ego feels the need to identify with something, then let it see itself as a tool, waiting to be used by the hand of being

one by one i place five shirts in the washer: now a yellow, now a red, now a blue, now in this orange pocket—a dinner receipt from last week

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