Saturday, April 17, 2010

strict constructionalist

the engine of western civilization does not run on oil; it runs on pure high octane rationalization

rationalization is not the stuff of dreams; it's the thread that holds the stuff together

when one has ten thousand beliefs at variance with each other, rationalization supplies the temporary law that swings the jury one way

today's rationalization is tomorrow's guilt

the transcendental view is to understand that not one of the ten thousand beliefs is ever law but always absolutely false

only love will know the way

but love hurts (the self)

there's a difference between pointers & beliefs that always needs to be pointed out: pointers always say (even if unsaid) 'believe nothing'

believers will often confuse a pointer for a belief and believe it shouldn't be believed, rather than look for themselves to the point.

rationalization is rather a strict constructionalist when it comes to itself

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