Friday, April 16, 2010

a classic high

i had a nightfarce before dawn and woke up laughing

another day, another smile

since our true nature is not of the mind and therefore not of time, it can neither be remembered nor forgotten; it just is

as rain will find water and disappear into the sea, a smile will find love and disappear into being

we're in the middle of a classic high weather system this morning; the air itself will stone you

and it stoned me to my soul stoned me just like goin' home and it stoned me. ~van morrison

here come the docks; there goes the wilderness river

we were born before the wind, oh so younger than the sun, ere the bonnie boat was one, as we sailed into the mystic. ~van morrison

only this moment is true; everything else is in my mind: distorted memories or speculative thoughts

and even this moment is so much interpretation; but that which receives the interpretation: there i am!

this moment is speaking in the language of blue skies and sparkling river with a slight breeze of an accent

the breeze that plays upon the sparkling blue river -- listen: an echo of a distant hammer!

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