Thursday, April 15, 2010

the singular sakura

falling gentle cherry graceful through the early emptiness of springtime coming loving branches blossom

every now and then while driving about, i spot a cherry tree in blossom like a shower passing by in a low small pink cloud, a mist of grace

cherry blossoms in full bloom on branches hanging like a beautiful shower of pink impermanence

each cherry blossom passes through this world in the pink of an i

every single petal is a cherry tree in its potentiality and every cherry tree is the manifested universe in its multiplicity of suchness

in japan they call the tree and blossom both sakura, and when viewing the tree in blossom, one looks at the singular sakura petal by petal

no need to look at grand landscapes for breath-taking views when a single cherry blossom holds the breadth of god within itself

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