Monday, April 12, 2010

a wonderful barometer

no religion, no belief, not even a name: just that: this!

no society, no individuality, not even nature; just that: this!

always understanding, always loving, always being, but never those; just that: this!

languid river like the surface of a mirror coated with a wax of easy wind; a sudden rending as a fish breaks through! that: this!

the manifestation of a human being is all in words

every word thought or spoken is the energy a human being generates in this manifest universe

when aware, the word is a force of peace, love & understanding; when unaware, it is a byproduct of confusion: violence furthering ignorance

ultimately the word is beyond the control of a human being, but it's a wonderful barometer for one to measure one's ignorance of awareness

awareness, listen to thyself!

popcorn kernel knowing insight

alabaster orange ozone

in the days of turtle toasting

sitting pretty silent headphone

listen lily lotus learning

all is cumulus and sunny

nothing starlight full moon headlight

shining black holes filled with honey

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