Tuesday, April 13, 2010

belief kills; love lives

love is deep intention and the world unfiltered by belief is its beloved creation

i am therefore i love

love can think but thought can never love

a belief is a thought whose foundation is another thought; an inspiration is a thought whose foundation is the spirit of love

belief is easily transferable through means of thought; inspiration rises only in the direct transmission of love

belief therefore is really unfounded, a castle in a cloud of thought; inspiration is rooted in reality

all thought began somewhere as inspiration but its love was lost in translation when transferred

most religions are a perfect example of 'lost in translation' when inspiration devolves to belief in transferal

all spiritual practice in this world is a simple matter of losing your belief

losing your belief does not mean losing your mind, but it does mean not believing it

to live in this world through the inspiration of love is the relative truth; to see there is no world other than pure awareness is absolute

love is the experience of 'i am' which rises from that which never can ever be experienced

to paraphrase keats: "love is truth, truth, love,"--that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

belief kills; love lives

belief, founded on nothing real, is weak, and always desires others to confirm its existence by believing too; love knows all is love now

because i still live in this world, i love to understand what this world is

in this world there is only this: i am, expressed as love. all the rest are reflections in the mirror of mind.

belief argues; love sings!

gitchee gumee singing rumi -- by the lake appearing gloomy

underneath the surface shining -- flows the current, silver lining:

love expressing love enjoying -- always peace and not annoying

all is now sat chit ananda -- nothing here, but something grander

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