Friday, May 21, 2010

no fie

feel being and know it contains the universe within its body

you can't see your heart but one takes it on faith it's there

how much easier to know your sun and stars!

feel your way to no-mind

democracy is only a dream; in practice, it always breaks down to division, the idea of have versus have-not

the art of the 'democratic' politician is to convince the have-not s/he has

the art of the sadguru is to teach the have s/he has not, but always has been is.

the oriole at the birdfeeder is certainly a sannyasin

just as psychology states that a dream is a window into your life, your life (aka dream-state) is a window into Consciousness, Spirit, Being

in other words, what seems to be my life is a dream that I, Consciousness, am creating, with all such according symbols and metaphors

Consciousess is dreaming in order to wake itself up; that's the only 'purpose' for this so-called life

be! no fee. be! no fie. be! no foe. be! no fum. be! be! be! be!

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