Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nisargadatta and the angry sadguru

last night came across a passage in 'i am that' that comes across as Nisargadatta's sinners in the hands of an angry sadguru

The inner Guru is not committed to non-violence. He can be quite violent at times, to the point of destroying the obtuse or perverted personality. Suffering and death, as life and happiness, are his tools of work. It is only in duality that non-violence becomes the unifying law. (...)
But it must be taken seriously. It calls for attention and obedience; when it is not listened to, it turns from persuasion to compulsion, for while it can wait, it shall not be denied. The difficulty lies not with the Guru, inner or outer. The Guru is always available. It is the ripe disciple that is lacking. When a person is not ready, what can be done?
~Nisargadatta Maharaj

it feels quite shocking actually. right out of jonathan edwards songbook. still reeling in its wake.

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