Thursday, May 20, 2010

unknown 'no doer' from love

ten thousand fluttering green leaf sunlit angels in the awakening freshly showered morning are killing me over and lovely over again

only love can do; all else is thought redoing the past

all action originating in thought is not only recycled but another step away from its original source and therefore very much distorted

action originating in love is spirit singing now through the phantom me of this operatic dream

one never knows love; love knows you are never

it is ultimately true, there is no doer. either distorted thought or pure love does you.

it's also true something needs to switch the tracks for this little train that doesn't do. otherwise it continues on its conditioned way.

that throwing of the switch can come in the name of love itself (bhakti) or in the introduction of a new inarguable pure thought (jnana)

but either way that switch is thrown, the train is on a single track called spirit, consciousness, being. many names, one truth.

but there's all the difference between the fatalistic 'no doer' on the old conditioned track of thought & the unknown 'no doer' from love

either way, of course, consciousness, spirit, being, is doing it all, one way.

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